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CBM Engineers has always been attentive to meticulously plan every aspect of its innovative concept schematics and framing systems, thus bridging the gap between the design and construction, and facilitating in ease of construction activities. All while adhering to the founding principle of delivering pragmatic and cost effective design solutions for the clients.

Founded in 1975, with a predominant focus on structural engineering, CBM Engineers were first brought to the world’s notice with the structural design for JP Morgan Chase Tower in Houston, followed with its work on the Two Prudential plaza, Chicago. CBM Engineers has since grown to be recognised as the herald of tall building design. In the past decade, CBM Engineers’ peer review and value engineering study on Burj Khalifa has yet again corroborated its reputation for providing with the most effective and optimised building and structural design solutions.

Since its establishment, CBM Engineers has undertaken numerous landmark projects across the globe, projects that have defined skylines and left a lasting imprint of prominence. CBM Engineers has strived through years to present itself as a true definition of a multicultural and intercontinental structural engineering and design firm.

CBM Engineers amasses multifarious and broad-minded individuals from a range of subsidiaries of the civil engineering disciple to take part in various creative and diversified projects in order to ultimately contribute in creating a built environment through innovative solutions to the most complex engineering problems, within a constructive society.

Global recognition and awareness, coupled with an experience of over four decades through various ventures and cultures has stimulated insight within our fabric into both the industry and people. This inspiration has fundamentally built the spirit that drives us in our dedicated endeavour to achieve engineering and technical excellence.

Houston, Usa

50+ Engineering Professionals

Technical Head: Jarrod Hamilton

Vadodara, India

50+ Engineering Professionals

Technical Head: Kunal Suthar

New Delhi, India

20+ Engineering Professionals

Technical Head: Abhay Ghate

Mumbai, India

30+ Engineering Professionals

Technical Head: Shekhar Ghate