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Burj Khalifa Dubai
Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

163 Stories

Peer Review and Value Engineering

The world’s first tallest building to include residential space. The cladding system is designed to withstand Dubai’s extreme summer temperatures. The exterior cladding is of reflective glazing with aluminum and textured stainless steel spandrel panels with vertical tubular fins of stainless steel. The building sits on a concrete and steel podium with 192 piles descending to a depth of more than 50 metres (164 ft.). The building was rotated 120 degrees to allow for less stress from the prevailing winds. Although the building’s shape resembles the bundled tube concept, it is structurally very different and is technically not a tube structure. The triple-lobed footprint of the building is based on an abstracted desert flower native to the region. It features sky lobbies on levels 43, 76 and 123. With the highest residential floor on level 109. The top of the building contains a public observation deck and a private club above that. The tower is situated on a man-made lake which is designated to wrap around the tower and to provide dramatic views of it.