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Our vision is to become a leading provider of structural engineering and design services, admired for our people, who provide with innovative solutions that set benchmark of standards and trend practices with an aim to revolutionise the industry, and make a positive impact to the world.

We are looking for talented individual waiting to display their prowess and take upon challenging tasks to help us deliver with real value to our clients. If you see yourself as a bright individual, full of ideas and excellent technical skills to compliment them, and a drive to spread your wings, soar and explore, we will provide you with unconditional support and opportunities to unfold a challenging and fulfilling career that lies ahead.

Human Capital Development

At CBM Engineers, we strive to be an effective, efficient and a high performance organisation, in every aspect. This requires people who are motivated and committed to our vision, to deliver with quality services to our clients and work towards becoming the leading provider of structural engineering and design services.

Human capital development is our principal agenda which encompasses all aspects of personal development and effective performance. This provides both the company and the persons within a great opportunity to develop on an interpersonal level along with professional growth. We believe that the key to a successful business, especially in this ever changing and demanding world that we live in, is the people and their characteristic to take upon challenging tasks, with desire to make an impact.

We are in a constant lookout for sharp minds with ingenious abilities who display a willingness to continuously learn, change and advance themselves on all fronts. We compliment this desire of continuing refinement with a comprehensive suite of development opportunities. Using the right set of tools and system to guide a progressive career path, we facilitate by providing a grand platform to help each and every employee to unleash their potential and capabilities.

We value our cultural and demographic diversity; which, when combined with our experience portfolio and unconventional approach, serves as a vibrant breeding ground for innovation, natural problem-solving and creative thinking. We cherish this character and nurture the potential, giving us a vital competitive edge in delivering uniform services that add value to our clients.

This peer model enrichment is the core element of the culture and spirit that we have created at CBM Engineers.

The Culture

CBM Engineers combines a unique blend of exuberant work environment, enduring performance in the industry and a rich experience, aided by a drive for continuous improvement, innovation and high performance. Our vision is to become the leading provider of structural engineering and design services.

Here at CBM Engineers, a greater emphasis on personal development and effective performance outlook are deeply anchored within the culture, accompanied by our values. Every individual at CBM Engineers is committed to achieving our joint vision, and living up to the values and principles we have set for ourselves.

Every employee at CBM Engineers adds a cherished element to this multicultural cluster which creates a truly beautiful spectrum that we proudly promote as our work culture. Our culture at CBM Engineers is what defines and distinguishes us. We emphasise on involving all employees in various tasks throughout different profiles, sometimes, out of their job description. This allows them to experience something out of their sphere of activities, and at the same time tables a fresh set of eyes and perspective to a matter or discussion. The effects of such activities are clearly evident in a very tightly engaged and indulgent staff, with a high level of interpersonal interaction through hierarchies, and a cultivated yearn to explore various dimensions.

The carefully nurtured environment at work which brings us all together and unites us as CBM Engineers, has over time played a key role in motivating all our employees to progressively perform towards archiving the organisational goals and develop alongside by accomplishing personal target.

We are in a constant hunt for talented individual with a primary urge to continuously challenge themselves, discover new boundaries and push them further. At CBM Engineers, we support our employees to develop their career through a budding environment that fosters talent, encourages new ideas and provides with unique professional opportunities. With several projects in continuous progress across Asia and North America, we provide with a platform where learning opportunities are not restricted to the scope of local reach. You will find yourself challenged and driven while playing an essential role in finding innovative solutions for some of the most complex engineering problems.

At CBM Engineers, you can go as far as your ability, desire and passion will take you. Along with grand platform for you to enhance yourself and propel up the ladder of success, we support you as mentors, guides, colleagues and more importantly, friends, by constantly encouraging your and actively shaping and moulding your skills to perfection.

Don’t let an empty screen stop you from chasing the career that you have envisioned for yourself. As mentioned before, we are in a constant hunt, and an opportunity may arise anytime. Send us your CV and write to us about your interests, the portfolio that you are looking for, and how you deem yourself fit as an ideal candidate for the same, on contact@cbmengineers.com. We will save and record your details for due consideration, for any future opportunity, close or fit for the portfolio that you are aiming for.

Life after college is about constant development and relentless pursuit on multiple levels, through a field of challenges. Professional life accords not only implementing the acquired knowledge into deriving practical solutions, but also committing yourself to achieving joint vision and goals, teamwork, and most importantly adhering to the needs and wants of the every changing world that we dwell in. It can be daunting to put oneself in a position of demanding responsibilities and expectations, but our internship programme is designed to ease you into the world of work and help you find a boundless career path that engages and excites you.

We will help you develop the technical skills, professional knowledge and behaviours you will require to work in a professional engineering firm. Our internship programme are designed to help you get a hands on experience with professional framework and help you kick start your career and a lifelong journey of continuous learning.

Our interns receive plenty of support from the manager, mentors and peers. Besides the technical and specialised gen, great stories and experience and achievement that you will learn of, will help you grow and motivate you to progress ahead to make an impact.

We are interested in students standing at the threshold of their academia and ready to jump into the professional world. We look for inquisitive young minds with a constant need to challenge themselves and who are willing go beyond the point of their comfort and abundance to help provide innovative solutions with a will of transforming the world.

We offer alluring experiences in the field of engineering and general management. Send us your CV and write to us elucidating your interest in joining the internship programme and how you deem yourself fit as an ideal candidate, on contact@cbmengineers.com