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Feasibility Study

CBM Engineers draws upon it’s extensive experience to evaluate and make recommendations which enable the clients to make informed decisions about the projected success of a project from the holistic perspective of technical, economical, legal and environmental aspects, throughout its lifecycle.

The most commonly asked and an essential question in the construction industry is, “Should we proceed as per the proposed project and systems?”. The answer to this question is not as easy to answer as one may imagine. Without calculated figures and hard facts, a decision on such manner, in the construction industry, would not be a wise one, given several factors, apart from the costs are to be duly considered to ensure a building’s structural and engineering system’s integrity.

Feasibility study is an overall research investigating into architectural, technical, economical, legal, environmental, market associated and future perspective and prospects of buildings. When conducting the assessment, we coordinate closely and engage with our client to understand their objectives and desires that needs to be achieved. We work on the clients requirements as road-markers to identify the best options and the risks associated. Once developed into a feasibility report after extensive scrutiny and review during each stage, our efforts help clients to better assess all factors before making decisions. Such studies come in very useful and highly necessary in cases where the owner / client want to extend the built of an existing structure.