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  • Sterling Engineering Group of Companies

Sterling Engineering Group of Companies is determined to provide exceptional structural engineering services to architects, developers, and owners of various types of projects.


SEGOC works directly with owners, developers, architects and contractors to develop and design optimised and pragmatic solutions for complex and challenging engineering problems. SEGOC has earned a reputation of innovation, uniqueness and creativity in providing practical solutions to structural engineering problems. The company puts all its available resources and knowledge bank in use to sustain that reputation and advance further to uplift it. It is vital for any business in the services industry to retain relations and interactions with their customers. The trustworthy, respectful and loyal relationship that SEGOC has developed and since nurtured with their clients, over the year has helped the baron grow. SEGOC continues to capitalise on its growth.

The principals and the staff at the firm are thoroughly focussed on serving their clients the best. This requires pooling in all their collective knowledge and experience to present the clients with multiple options that through collective inputs creates an optimised system and design with specific attention to schedule and cost budget, ease in construction activity and ensuring the concept design is duly implemented and exemplifies itself at completion of construction. The holistic approach of project execution and monitoring allows the clients and all the agencies associated to understand each other better, identify and nullify problems ahead of occurrence, and work in harmony to deliver a project which always achieves the target zero (zero problems, zero delays, zero injuries).


Sterling Engineering Group of Companies [SEGOC] started at Sterling Engineering and Design Group [SEDG]. In April of 2000, Mr. Sandeep Patel [Chairperson and MD, SEGOC] acquired the structural practice of a prominent multidisciplinary consulting firm in Texas, USA to establish an organisation [SEDG], that in the future would evolve to provide highly specialised and professional structural engineering services to architects, developers and owners of a variety of projects ranging from multi-family housing to large commercial complexes.

Guided by a strong leadership and an inert drive to advance its commercial operations, the firm developed to personify itself as a true definition of a multinational firm, operating strongly in the real estate and construction industries of USA and several South-East Asian countries. For the next decade after it’s establishment, the employees and management together worked tirelessly to achieve the ambitious targets they had set themselves. This strenuous determination and effort presented with the expected fruit of the labour. The grand reputation and respect that SEDG earned was unparalleled through the domains that it operated in. Added to this, the company’s strength in developing innovative and practical design solutions that result in cost effective construction for the clients, not only aided the pursuit of expanded commercial reach but also became an identity of the firm, which to date is looked up to by all.

In December of 2010, CBM Engineers willingly merged with SEDG to form a new entity – Sterling Engineering Group of Companies [SEGOC]. To provide growth and develop a cohesive model of values for both the companies and the employees, a carefully crafted integration exercise was implemented over the course of a relatively long six-month period. An expected outcome pleased everyone when a next generation of leaders emerged from this transition phase with a unified bloodline of SEDG and CBM Engineers, to set in motion major changes what would boost the company’s potential and skyrocket it ahead in both the technical and commercial abilities.

Mr. Patel and Mr. Bellace reunited their professional association soon after establishment of SEGOC. Back in the early 90’s, working as former associates, the duo had developed a new method that optimised the structural design of multi-family residential projects. The advancement in the method was continuous, and it was investigated into and developed independently by the two during the years they had partly separated the professional association. Their work together and their influence on each other promulgated a series of structural engineering innovations and techniques that they use extensively in their practice. The re-association resulted in pooling the credible knowledge, learning and skills on both ends to form a powerhouse of structural engineering and design knowledge.

Since its establishment as SEGOC, this parent firm has acquired four companies and entwined them into the very fabric of its commercial and administrative structure. All the companies under this grand umbrella of alliance however do operate as separate entities in the market to maintain familiarity amongst clients and enhance the market presence and share.


SEGOC commits itself to performing excellently in structural engineering. Focussed on its mission to excel in leadership, think clearly, manage effectively and provide outstanding technical excellence in the field, SEGOC operates on a strong belief that actions speak louder than words. The passionate group of skilled individuals at the firm are committed to performing these actions consistently and reasonably for every calculation, communication, project and its phases, and so on, until the desired goals and objectives have been achieved.

The well-cultured upbringing of the workspace environment at SEGOC weighs on respecting the client’s demands above all. Providing tailored solutions that cater to even the smallest of client’s demand, and striving to be credibly, timely and specific in providing a professional service is what distinguishes SEGOC from other structural consultants and termed to be the blueprint of success at SEGOC. The principals at SEGOC work generously with their employees while entailing each other of aspiring high standards and higher responsibilities, to aid the governing principles of the firm and contribute in this successful venture.

The leadership at SEGOC are of a strong opinion that no company can sustain itself on the front of commercial development only. A great emphasis on employee welfare and development has brought about many administrative policies that are directed towards the betterment of the employees. The old HR saying ‘a happy employees makes a motivated employee; a team of motivated employees make a prosperous business’ couldn’t be more true. The employee development programme at SEGOC is based on the virtue of lifelong learning, engagement, encouragement, and empowerment, to facilitate with an overall development for both the employees and the company. For SEGOC, employees continue to be the greatest resource as clients are the greatest assets.

The business model of SEGOC is developed such to evolve with change and therefore, the firm’s philosophy is extended to all the firms that SEGOC has recently acquired. Subjected to a fairly longer duration of integration period, both the parties share with each other their culture and familiarise their staff to the new working model. This helps the employees so slowly seep in the change and not be startled by sudden changes in the work environment, which otherwise could have counter-productive results. Over the past few years, SEGOC has successfully integrated four firms into its horizon of operations, without diminishing their corporate identity as an independent entity. This allows SEGOC to tactfully introduce new brands in the market under a common accord, and at the same time allows psychological satisfaction to the clients and employees alike.


Optimal Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd [OCSPL] strives to deliver its clients with innovative and optimal solutions to structural engineering problems.


OCSPL has established a reputation for high technical standards, uniform quality of design deliverance and cost effective design innovation, both in India and overseas. Encored to the basics of structural engineering field and acting as a consultant to developers, contactors, architects, government departments, etc., OCSPL has been a herald of progressive adaptation of various new technology and practice, which is well reflected in its works and portfolio.

The dedicated team of skilled and experienced engineers and technicians who take upon the most challenging and complex engineering problems are the very soul of the business operation. Highly trained and comprehensively conversant with all international standards (British standards, Euro codes, American standards, etc.) on concrete and steel design, all professionals have displayed their capabilities through their award-winning works over the past three decades.

  • High-rise, mid-rise and low-rise
    • Hotels
    • Residential buildings
    • Commercial buildings
    • Mix-use buildings
    • Townships
  • Other structures (infrastructure projects, stadiums, institutional buildings, IT infrastructure buildings, off-shore structures, etc.)
  • Industrial Sector
    • Defence structures
    • Pharmaceutical plants
    • Food processing units
    • Refineries, oil and gas industry
    • Chemical and petrochemical plants
    • Metallurgical plants
    • Light and heavy engineering industries
    • Power plants and electrical infrastructure installations
    • Cement manufacturing plants
  • Warehouse and logistics structures
  • Value engineering and peer review of structures
  • Retrofit services


Consultancy Development Centre, an organisation that curates structural engineering and related disciplines, and backed by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Government of India’s Ministry of Science and Technology awarded OCSPL with a citation to Mr. Abhay Ghate (Chairman) at the National Consultancy Congress, on the 15th of January 2007, at New Delhi. This award of Excellence in Consultancy (primum praemium) was presented as recognition of their spectacular work on the full structural design of the Jumeirah Beach Residence at Dubai, U.A.E.

The Jumeirah Beach Residence [JBR] is considered to be one of the largest residential development projects in the world. OCSPL provided full structural design services for Sector IV of this megaproject. To assess the assignment is sheer numbers; JBR Sector IV comprises of eight towers of varying heights up to 180 m, connected by a common podium, commercial and retail area and a multi-level car park. With over five million square feet of construction executed in a little over two years period makes it a part of a nice group of the biggest assignment every undertaken by an Indian engineering company. The project is not only a proud display of OCSPL’s competence and capabilities, but also a subtle proof of the capabilities of Indian engineering consultants, that are often disregarded or overlooked in the international market.

OCSPL is one of the very few consultants in India who operate in various sectors within the structural discipline. OCSPL portfolio in the industrial sector is well known across the nation. OCSPL’s work on Reliance Industries’ Jamnagar refinery is one of the momentous achievements of the company. As prime consultants to Bechtel (master planners of the refinery), OCSPL had designed standard connections that would serve nearly all kinds of joints and also enable easy workability. These connections over-performed their design and are still used as standard connections for the entire refinery complex.


Optimal Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (OCSPL) was established in 1994 with company incorporation of the parent firm, Optimal Design. Led by the Chairman, Mr. Abhay Ghate, the firm offers a range of professional consultancy services of reputable international standards, in the field of civil, construction and structural engineering disciplines.

The grand reach of the company was broadened further in 2009 when Mr. Shekhar Ghate led AG Konsultants was incorporated into OCSPL. AG Konsultants’ key specialisation of industrial design was added to OCSPL’s portfolio with this meld. With a newly acquired expertise, an extended staff, and an impressive resume OCSPL started catering to a larger market by offering structural design solutions for industrial, infrastructure and building sectors.

The core objective of the firm is to employ its structural engineering cognoscenti to evolve and formulate the most appropriate, innovative and cost effective solutions to all the client’s specifications and design problems. Over all the years of practice, OCSPL has learnt something new with each assignment and incorporated that to better themselves, hence achieving the technical excellence and the hard-earned experience, which helps them become a one stop solution to all one’s structural needs. Maintaining its core principle as their driving factor and developing further to achieve new heights, the firm has provided full structural design, project management, review of design, technical supervision and construction administration services for numerous projects across the continent.

The senior management at OCSPL actively believes and practices attention to fine detailing during the design phase and the ability of the labour to construct a given design, to eliminate issues during the construction phase. This approach, the continuous efforts to uphold the core values and objective; and an in-depth working knowledge of physical collaboration of structural, MEP, other engineering services and architectural systems, and how they are collectively developed to present themselves as a building; has attained them an eminence, distinct to other such firms in India.

OCSPL has always kept themselves well acknowledged and updated with changing technologies. They are registered users of STAAD.Pro, SAP and ETABS / SAFE software programs and uses them extensively in finite element analysis and structural design. Contrary to many other structural consultants, the senior engineers and directors at OCSPL dedicate themselves to learn, execute and harvest the potential of every new technology and computer software that aids them achieve the organisational goals and help them serve their clients more efficiently. Additionally, the firm indulges itself extensively on in-house software development, best suited to it’s working policy and style. As the software developed are carefully crafted taking into account the science and engineering theories, extensive experience of the senior engineers and new findings in the discipline, the professionals at OCSPL perform and achieve a greater productivity and higher efficiency at work.


For any business in a service-oriented domain, the firm endeavours to retain its customers. This factor is at the core of the services industry. OCSPL is known in the field of structural engineering and related disciplines to retain clients in long and lasting relationships. This often depends on the ability to understand and adhere to the client’s demands. The staff and management alike, at OCSPL understand the importance of responsiveness towards the needs and wants of the client, and believe that an honest effort to provide the client with a professional service of uniform high quality and international standards is the key driving factor to achieve client satisfaction. However, quality itself cannot stand alone to ensure a budding relationship with the clients. In addition, several other factors like innovative and responsible approach to engineering problems, cost accounting of structures, co-ordination between all the agencies and services involved, and most importantly, funnelling one’s effort to understand and achieve the client’s goal, are equally important to retain clients and form a mutually benefitting and trusty relation.

Execution and construction is an extended arm of the field that every structural engineer is indirectly responsible for. OCSPL takes it upon as their responsibility to provide the clients the most appropriate solutions to problems or hitches encountered during the construction phase. This includes an inbuilt and involuntary practice of emphasis on strong, clear and complete engineering details during the design phase, to eliminate problems from its roots, ensuring pragmatic designs and conventional dimensions to ease constructability, strong co-ordination with the contractor and other agencies involved, and to provide immediate, thoughtful and technically correct response to problems during execution, using decades of experience and an astute understanding of the construction process.

  • Laissez-faire approach dedicated to individual liberty, within the framework of the organisational rules and overall professional ethics.
  • At OCSPL, the liberty and rights of all individuals is respected and upheld. Everyone is expected to have self-consciousness in terms of their professional duties and how they collaborate with their colleagues to complete a task in its given timeframe and retain control over their actions.
  • The company endorses and demands adherence to the higher standards of ethical conduct as promulgated by the professional societies in our field.
  • OCSPL is of a firm opinion that Structural Engineers are accountable for the Designs they produce: professionally, technically and morally.


The aim of every design process is deliverance of the most appropriate structural solution for a proposed architectural layout. To aid this aim, designers, architect and the client must have a clear idea and full understanding of the main design concept and orientation. This is where putting in time and energy to produce sufficient information for the reviewer, during the concept and schematic stage, brings about a stern foundation to the process and paves the path for the stages to follow. The schematic design phase generally constitutes to nearly 20% of the design, and provides the reviewers with significant information and alternatives so that a clear direction and roadmap for subsequent phases can be punctually determined.

The aim while preparing a conceptual design, designers take several factors into consideration. As all buildings are filtered through several designs and practices through various stages until completion, like, architectural, MEP, structural, etc., the concept design should cater to the need of all functions and thoroughly define the general scope, scale, functional relationship and cost of the overall project and its individual components.

Upon acceptance of the conceptual and schematic design, the client approves all the agencies to further develop the succeeding phases based upon the set path as detailed in the package. Not only does attention to this phase provide the designers to accurately determine and solve problems that may be faced later during execution, but also sets a clear and comprehensive image of the design solution.

OCSPL believes that the most important part of any design, which defines its existence and functionality, is the concept and schematics, at the core of the design itself:

  • Innovative and integrated approach in the choice of concept.
  • Great emphasis on thorough preliminary calculations to aid the selection of the most appropriate alternative for the project.
  • Optimised frugal design no wastage of space, material, manpower or money.
  • Continuous review of the designs and making necessary alterations to the conceptual design in order for the betterment of the final product.
  • Value for money approach.


Providing clients a processional service with uniform high quality of responsible approach to engineering problems that help them to bring to existence iconic projects while limiting their expenses to a bare minimum and ensuring architectural considerations need meticulous planning and grave attention to procedural details. Hence, all projects undertaken by OCSPL are considered to be equal on a universal platform. Achieving this include:

  • Conferring with the client, architect and other disciplines to confirm the detailed requirements of the project brief, scope of work, and all other matters relevant to prepare a solid conceptual design and project management schedule, as part of the schematic design package. This results in a firm foundation to depend upon while executing a successful project and its delivery.
  • Preparation of specific requirements for geotechnical investigation, review of the geotechnical report, conducting relevant calculations and designing foundation design concept.
  • Preparation of various cost effective and ease in construction enabling design alternative for discussion.
  • Preparing design development schedule based on the approved concept.
  • Performing complete engineering analysis using computer aids to design the structure, based on the relevant code / standards. In the range of the practice, there have been several times when a particular standard does not comply to provide an optimum solution. The well-informed and learned staff at OCSPL in such situations use other international codes / standards to tackle the situation.
  • Preparing complete and detailed civil, RCC and structural steel drawings for approval and construction. Specially and highly trained draftspersons at OCSPL put in an extra mile of effort to ensure that the drawings are up to international standards, easy to translate and in accordance with the working style of the client and the contractors.
  • Submission of detailed calculation and drawings in physical and digital format for review and record purpose.
  • Regular or periodical supervision of construction work (as decided upon between OCSPL and the client) and other post contract supervision work are often included in the scope of work. OCSPL believes that inputs of a structural engineer at a construction site can help ease the labour work and also aid in immediate solutions to unforeseen problems that often arise during construction