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Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

A major part of the project planning activity is to produce a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the proposed undertaking, after a feasibility study. For large projects, or projects of keen interest and heavy investment, developers seek professional opinions on the numerous costs involved, material indents, scope of work, etc. These analyses are then used to determine the tender amounts through which the various constriction and execution activities would be contracted to the respective agencies.

CBM Engineers has practiced in both the domestic and international markets for over four decades now. Over the course of this extensive period, we have gained a superlative commercial knowledge through a large database and the constructive relations that we have cultivated. Added to this, our keen insight of the real estate and engineering works markets, the patterns these markets works by, and a greater knowledge of the latest construction aid and technologies brings about a capability of this unique task.

Such services are often offered by various other agencies as well. However, what sets CBM Engineers’ services to incline towards the unique side, apart from a meticulous pin-pointed accuracy, is to investigate into the unforeseen and extenuating circumstances, and produce solutions to counter them. These contingencies assist clients to take a calculated step forward and help them to achieve their project goals.

Using all the available resources at our disposal, CBM Engineers works in a systematic format, particularly scripted to suit all building kinds, and present with precision and accuracy, a complete analysis of the project that our developer clients are willing to undertake. This analysis would help them to issue various pre and post tender bids and contracts, and assist them with a seamless transformation through various stages of the execution process until completion.