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Collectively, the board brings together about 250 years of cumulative experience across structural engineering and management backgrounds to persistently propel our business and interests harmonious with our mission, vision and values. While planning and executing the carefully fabricated management agenda, the board to their virtue works to protect CBM Engineers’ long term sustainability and stability and build towards a vision of ubiquitous presence throughout the globe.

  • Sandeep Patel
  • Abhay Ghate
  • Shekhar Ghate
  • Nitin Dhariyal
  • Vinay Salpekar
  • Kunal Suthar
  • Project Execution Team

Sandeep Patel

Chair And Managing Director

Mr. Sandeep Patel is the Chair to the board at CBM Engineers and Sterling Engineering Group. He renders progressive agendas and helms the drive to expand the sphere of our reach, build the business and further ameliorate the performance for our clients and staff alike.

His experience with all aspects of project execution including regulatory agency compliance, technical production, and management, coupled with 25 years of structural design experience makes him truly diverse and resourceful individual. He is very well versed in design formulations for a wide variety of projects including commercial, industrial, institutional, healthcare, retirement, public and private infrastructure and multifamily projects. His experience includes designing structures in several states (USA), utilising various building codes and lateral design requirements.

Sandeep’s experience in multifarious disciplines, an entrepreneurial drive that pumps through him, his masterly oration, strong communication, and a liberal and laissez faire approach to management has aided to the professional growth with aplomb. His ideals for business and it’s development are far beyond the commercial motives and lie majorly in human capital agendas. Sandeep personally ensures every business plan detail implementation and progressive involvement of staff with the management, to build upon a genuine camaraderie at CBM Engineers.

Abhay Ghate

Director And Managing Director At Optimal Consultancy

With four decades of multidisciplinary engineering practice, Abhay’s profile of a wide array of projects, ranges through hotels, residential and commercial high-rise, institutional facilities, industrial projects like chemical and pharmaceutical factories, textile mills and steel plants, shopping complexes and blast resistant structures. This portfolio is extends throughout the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Mr. Ghate was appointed to the board with the merger between CBM Engineers and Optimal Consultancy. He leads and spearheads all operations for Optimal Consultancy, as the managing director. Prior to this, Abhay practiced as the chairman at Optimal Consultancy, which he had co-founded. He was urged during the merger to continue to retain his position as managing director.

Abhay believes that any technical service oriented venture must operate such to achieve the ultimate goal of complete client satisfaction through adaptable working approach, timed delivery of the project and efficient communication. Strong to his principle, Abhay leads the members of his team, and together they work tirelessly to achieve a uniform standard of services which are responsive to the needs of individual clients. His conviction in providing contoured services for the client has fundamentally attained the company the grand reputation that it holds today.

Shekhar Ghate

Director And Joint Managing Director At Optimal Consultancy

Shekhar Ghate, over the past 35 years has engaged into several large scale projects in India and UAE. Over the years, he has particularly dwelled into industrial project and has made it his profound expertise. He has worked on all tracts of the industrial projects, ranging from refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical units, to scale laboratories, power plants and logistic parks.

Shekhar has always held special interest in the power and transmission sector. This was inculcated during his work on the 500MW thermal power station at Trombay. Ever since, he has participated in numerous assignments pertaining to the preferred field. Lately, structural analysis and design of several substation for DEWA in the UAE has come forth as a showcased display of his capability and dexterity, in the sector.

Shekhar along with Abhay Ghate contributes to the initial phases of concept and schematics. An ardent workaholic, he leads a team of talented engineers to provide with optimum solutions for structural problems, on an industrial level.

Nitin Dhariyal

Director Of Engineering

Over his career of well over three decades, Nitin Dhariyal has designed a wide range of structures. Apart from hotels, hospitals, textile mills, high rise commercial and residential towers, shopping centres and malls and blast resistant structures, Nitin has an extensive experience with physical infrastructure design and analysis. A considerable contribution to the Delhi Metro, design of various boat landing and other offshore structures across the Indian Ocean, and structural design for a number of road bridges across India and Malaysia are a few examples of his practice in the infrastructure industry.

Nitin is profoundly au fait with the customs of the industry and its practicalities. Nitin guides his team and works alongside them to produce innovative solutions with architectural elegance and cost-effective processes, all while comprehending the reservations and limitations during construction. For this holistic approach and the sterling work he does with aplomb, he is often regarded as an excellent combination of industry and intelligence.

Vinay Salpekar

Executive Director

Vinay Salpekar, a graduate from IIT Bombay is well celebrated for his works over the past 45 years of his career. Prior to be appointed as an Executive Director, Vinay was the CEO of Bahrain operations for Saudi Designers Engineering Consultants. Preceding SDEC, as Chief General Manager of Engineering Technology and Development Division at Engineers India Limited, where he provided his service for 27 years, Vinay was responsible for preparing and monitoring engineering standards.

Over the length of his career, Mr. Salpekar has worked on a number of remarkable, prestigious and landmark projects in India and all around the Middle East. His work in subsidiaries of civil engineering discipline includes refineries, petrochemical plants, and ocean engineering and offshore projects, as fragments of an extensive list. He has carried out structural analysis and design of ASLV and GSLV launch structures for ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), and rocket test stands for DRDO. Proficient in special structures, Vinay was approached by the Government of India to prepare conceptual design and rectification scheme for structures in Antarctica as part of the Antarctic Expedition mission. This impressive portfolio was glorified with a momentous addition when he was selected as a member on the standing committee of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

With a profound knowledge of virtually all international codes and standards and the wealth of the phenomenal vitae, Vinay Salpekar heads the Internal Review and Value Engineering initiative, where he ensures a uniform quality, code compliance and rigorous scrutiny for the flawlessness of every deliverable that leaves our compound.

Kunal Suthar

Director Of Operations, Director Of Engineering

Kunal Suthar joined CBM Engineers in 2012 and has since then spearheaded the company’s operations in India. Responsible for overall internal management and coordination between all the offices, his role is instrumental in developing a relationship with clients and partners alike, to create an organised group for timed and quality assured deliveries.

Articulate interest and austerity of the hour triggered the change in portfolio towards management. With over 10 years of extensive experience, Kunal has a strong background in analysis and design of concrete, steel and timber structure, with particular expertise in detail and design for optimisation in concrete structures. Much of his 10 years’ experience has been in the USA, where he worked largely on multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects, like desalination plants, laboratory buildings, air traffic control towers, etc. The array of his work expands beyond a specialised niche. Mr. Suthar has worked in both India and USA on a number of high rise buildings, commercial and industrial projects, institutional and educational facilities, training centres and special use structures, like the ones mentioned earlier.

Being a classic blend that of techno-commercial, Kunal continues to practice as Director of Engineering and actively participates with his team to derive accurate solutions for all projects he oversees.

Concept And Schematic

  • Abhay Ghate
  • Shekhar Ghate

Detailed And Gfc Drawings

  • Nitin Dhariyal
  • Kunal Suthar
  • Divyesh Mistry
  • Jagruti Desai
  • Abhijeet Kane
  • Manish Chirmade

Internal Peer Review And Value Engineering

  • Vinay Salpekar
  • Tushar Chauhan

Ca Team

  • Shahid Ansari
  • Srinivas Kulkarni

Building Information Modelling

  • Anil Shinde
  • Jitendra Khaste