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Full Structural Design

Our designers and engineers work tirelessly to attain a structural design output such that the building facilitates itself in a manner best suited for its purpose and its users, more importantly.

The full spectrum of building types that CBM Engineers have provided structural design for, over decades, reflect our detail oriented approach, constant surge for innovation, adaptive technological vicissitude and the cost conscious work philosophy. These practices and ideals is what set us apart from other structural consultants. Built upon these principles, the company’s tradition of innovative design solutions and inventive design approach, and advances in technology have propelled CBM Engineers to the forefront of structural engineering profession. Our identity and reputation as deliverers of high quality and excellent designs radiates from the group of highly motivated engineers and dynamic designers who work closely with all members of the client, consultant and construction teams, in a collective effort to design an economical, constructible and cutting edge structure.


CBM Engineers amasses brilliant minds of innovative and highly skilled engineers and designers, who help shape iconic structures and add tremendous value for their clients. It is through these exquisite minds and their input that has helped CBM Engineers deliver its most recognisable works in complex structures.

Through decades of experience and exponentially progressive practice, we come to realise that buildings that serve the purpose they were designed for forever prove their usefulness and deem to be more attractive to those who inhabit them, while being content to their standing and show more commercially sustainability. Hence at CBM Engineers, the world-class technical team share a common motive, to deliver outstanding structural designs employing groundbreaking structural engineering, in an effort to achieve better building performance.


Factors determining a structure’s and building’s performance depends on its purpose. At CBM Engineers, we work closely with MEP Consultants, Architects and various other agencies and consultancies involved in the development process to understand things that make an asset valuable to our clients and the proposed building’s users. This activity gives a sense and direction to our design and enables us to be an actively involved member throughout the building’s construction and life cycle.

Determined to the organisational values and respect for the physical limitations that we are all restricted by, our structural engineers pursue excellence in high performance systems to conserve building material and create a building design that operates on reduced costs and fewer resources while keeping the architectural integrity and aesthetics intact.

Building performance and better structural frames cannot simply be guaranteed by conventional assumptions in structural engineering. Our structural designers engage themselves in advance analysis and research along with our safeguard approaches in fire, seismic and wind designs to reach the focussed outcome of an optimised design solution based on facts and conclusive evidence. Our sophisticated approach often includes an in-depth study through building information modelling.


Our structural engineers, supervisors, seniors and mentors work together to deliver seamless structural designs for an array of building types. CBM Engineers has had a vast experience and a long history with indulging as a proactive member in multidisciplinary projects. We support other agencies and consultants to form a stable medium of communication which eventually helps in the betterment of the project or assignment in hand. We can deliver highly detailed integrated structural solutions to architectural specifications, and/or have our experts focus on perfecting a single building detail, in an effort to facilitate the clients and contractors with a uniform high quality docket of excellence.