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Peer Review

When dealing with tall and super tall building designs, it demands a lot of expertise and grey cells to judge whether the design proposed by another firm is appropriate or not. With schedule-critical projects, we become a key part of the team and the solution, rather than simply operating strictly from a third-party perspective. Our experience as main structural consultant for major architectural projects has helped us evolve an interactive approach to peer review. For some projects we necessitate an “over the shoulder” method so as to offer critical feedback on real-time basis, while for other projects, a “hands-off” approach needs to be adopted. We always inspire our peer review team to stay focused on the most critical elements of the design and analysis, and to provide timely settlement amongst peer reviewers towards resolution with the design team. When required we work with the primary consultant to implement any improvements in order to provide the best possible structural solution to the project.


It is always a wise decision to retain an experienced peer reviewer while construction of undersized to colossal projects so as to ensure that major structural errors in the designing process are not disregarded and appropriate steps are taken to produce a safe and astute design for the developer.

From the geotechnical engineering involved in foundation design to the detailed wind studies influencing the Super-tall buildings, Structural designing is a complete blend of art and science. Hence disparity in opinions based on different stages of experience may widely affect the cost and endurance of the building. In this situation, it is always a cost-effective option to hire an experienced peer review team.