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Our Mission is to excel in leadership, to think clearly, manage effectively and provide outstanding technical excellence in structural engineering.

With technical excellence in structural design and construction administration at its core, CBM Engineers’ vision centres on becoming an engineering powerhouse, that exemplifies efficiency, excellence and innovation.

The lean and agile character that helps us adapt the ever changing and beneficial new technologies, coupled with technical and engineering expertise is embedded in every fabric of our organisation and peers within. We being an assembly, dedicated to our work while aspiring for the acquisition of greater knowledge, allows us to challenge, change and work for the betterment of the construction industry. We strive to be the primo preference of all stakeholders.

Steering on the envisioned trajectory will allow us to build upon a momentum that will help us create new and stern competitive advantages, and project us as a leading provider of structural engineering services in the over-competitive market scenario, which to the coming times is expected to persist.

Diversified Experience

CBM Engineers is a colossal stockpile of hard earned experience, mastered skills and technical brilliance. We harness the very best skills and expertise from our intellectual capital base, and channel these energies to find relevant solutions and form systems that benefit the projects that we undertake and ultimately benefit our clients.

Through over four decades of experience, we understand the importance of the compatibility of any design with construction feasibility. Real challenges lie not only in optimisation of designs and sustainable design concepts, but also in providing design solutions that suit construction logistics and pace. At CBM Engineers, we are committed to process all our designs such to bridge the gap close between design and it’s execution, especially calculated to further ease the construction process, whilst ensuring cost effectiveness.

This homogeneous approach sets us apart and has made us popular amongst our clientele.


During construction, a large number of factors can cause hindrance and can result in a tedious and uneasy process of execution. We believe that along with correct site execution based on effective construction administration and planned operations schedules, detailing of designs and drawings makes a considerable difference in bringing pace, accuracy and efficiency in construction.

To counter the challenges of unorganised drawings, insufficient data and incorrect or irrelevant markings, we have tailored a series of internal systems, processes and methods that ensures an organised docket, which meets all the client and construction needs. Specially trained to deliver pristine detailed designs and drawings, our engineers and draftspersons pay special attention to incorporating the specific needs of clients or contractors in the designs, if any, as part of our commitment towards complete client satisfaction.

Internal Review Practice

We have always been an advocate of achieving perfection in our work. Our collective agreement that perfection is achieved when there is neither anything more to add, nor to take away from a design, reflects our deeply rooted value to deliver optimised and sustainable design solution to our clients. To achieve this, we review every assignment internally, at various stages through the design process.

Concept and schematic development is the heart and soul of any structural design. Our internal review process starts at this founding step of any design process. Different teams are encouraged to have a healthy exchange of ideas, rigorous brainstorming and put collaborative effort to reach an ideal design model. We believe that this interminable endeavour is the foundation for all innovations and solutions to challenges to build upon. The internal review practice aspires to provide our clients with the quintessence of structural engineering professionalism. This practice has earned us compelling results and conspicuous rewards.

Comprehensive utilisation, accountability and conservation of rapidly exhausting limited resources are matters of grave concern across the globe. At CBM Engineers, we pool our minds, resources and power to extensively scrutinise every design generated, aided by the latest technology, to optimise and justify the consumption of raw structural material. We feel it to be our responsibility to collaborate with our clients to materialise detailed action plans and play our humble role to promote conservational and sustainable development.

Moreover, our prime asset, our strength and identity, is our people. A community of the very best people at work, multicultural and diverse, together forming CBM, a global flock, have and shall always be the Centrum of our developmental objective.