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Construction Administration

We provide professional construction management services to our clients across America and Asia. We aim to deliver high standards of construction management while providing value for money. Our highly experienced construction administrators fulfil this task by aligning various determining elements to deliver projects to time, cost, uniformity and quality.

Construction management amasses a series of branches within the section. CBM Engineers provides these services to its clients for all their projects, big or small. We provide tailored construction management services to our clients after having fully understood the objectives and options, defining the specific project needs, and planning and administering scheduled deliveries.

We understand that every organisation’s needs for a particular project are subject to change with respect to the requirements of the project. Our professional construction managers function as trusted advisors on the client’s behalf and represent their interests, when either overseeing the project as an extension to their staff or acting as the client’s agent to monitor the project, whichever best fits the required role to execute the custom-built management packet. This ability to suit the circumstantial need of the assignment makes us ideal candidates to manage all forms of building types.

Applying various innovative project delivery systems, we aspire to allow owners better control and assure uniform quality throughout the project that closes in time and within the set budget. In order to achieve this we conduct a study to identify the challenges that are likely to be faced based on the proposed structural systems. Following which, we adopt to an intensive resource planning where we use our learning from projects of similar nature in conjunction with present developments, comparative analysis between historic and updated rates, and proven theories, to establish an accurate and pragmatic work schedule, whilst answering to the aforementioned challenges.

We believe in working alongside our clients to be client partners and share responsibilities for successful project completion. With all our honesty, integrity and skill set, we work to ensure our client’s corporate goals and business benefits through a controlled, well managed, cost effective, time regulated and transparent system approach to achieve the desired result. Our ability to understand our clients, their goals, objectives and targets, and to align them with ours, while harmoniously integrating our representatives and professionals into their operations, has been the key factor for our clients inclined towards preferring us for their assignments.

Construction management in itself is an amalgamation of a wide range of services. Construction related services that we provide are:

  • Programme development
  • Development of project control systems
  • Construction methodology and implementation assistance
  • Site inspection and recordkeeping
  • Site administration.