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Retrofit Services

Substantial technological advances, modern engineering approach, improved building codes and standards, and computer aided programming modules allow engineers to assess, define and engineer to prolong an existing structure’s lifespan through retrofitting.

Contrary to the common belief, retrofit services are not bound to just longevity of a building’s lifecycle by restoring, and refurbishing a building. At CBM Engineers, we see retrofitting as an opportunity to address key necessities of building owners and occupants. Given their static nature, buildings do not adhere to change with time, as we do. Buildings are designed and built to suit the need of the era, incorporating the perceived nature of change in standards in close future. Hence, we also see retrofitting as a means to remodel a building to better suit modern needs and criteria, restore value and provide additional value to buildings.

Over the past four decades and over, CBM Engineers have worked on several retrofit projects around the world. This experience has cultivated a technical expertise and a global insight which helps us to meet local requirements in most parts of the world. Moreover, our engineering resources and knowledge, which surpasses the quantifiable benefits, helps us deliver high-profile models of building performance systems, beyond cost saving. The trust in our ability and experience was reassured after the unfortunate natural calamity of the recent Nepal earthquake of 2015. The firm was contracted for its retrofit services for several buildings. Not restricting ourselves to the scope of work of seismic retrofitting, CBM Engineers prepared an integrated plan which catered to various aspects of the building and proposed changes to allow adaptability to modern requirements and extra safeguard against fire and snow related damages.


Our work philosophy dictates that getting more from an existing building better benefits its owner and occupants, the community and the environment. Therefore it is important to view every retrofit project with a fresh look in order to realise every aspect of the building’s potential and aim to conduct a retrofit analysis that enables and allows maximum addition of value and flexibility. Hence, our analytical approach is often modified and fine-tuned as determined by the keen appreciation of the needs and wants of the concerned stakeholders and local factors.


Retrofitting is a mean of enhancing an existing building in every possible way. The idea of holistic improvements may sound effortlessly straightforward, however proves to be a daunting process. Hence, we at CBM Engineers start our processes by conducting a feasibility study of the project. Generally, feasibility study would largely comprise of financial analysis of the undertaking. We, alongside also consider building design and environmental performance, market risks, occupant welfare, effects on the surrounding, amongst many other aspects that affect several people directly or indirectly related to the building.

This exercise unfolds to produce a calculated approach, honed to accuracy, which assists the building stakeholders in the right direction and help us to add value in several dimensions of the project while considering costs and productivity.