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Rapid economic and real estate development has promoted daring architectural and structural designs coupled with accelerated project delivery demands. Though such developments have given a push to an increased design sophistication and advancement construction technology, a proliferation of structural failure alongside has been observed globally.

Forensic Structural Engineering is one of the youngest branches of structural engineering. It largely deals with in-depth engineering investigation to determine the causes of structural failures of buildings, physical infrastructure and other construction facilities. However, the limits to this practice are unrestricted. Forensic services are often opted for to produce rendering options for buildings, as well as provide for an expert statement in judicial proceedings.

We believe that forensic engineering is something that cannot be made an expertise through theoretical knowledge only. Hence apart from a high level of engineering education, practical association and a broad experience with analysis, design process, construction techniques and processes, testing, inspections, condition assessment; an understanding of the relationship and transition between design and construction; knowledge of legal implications and bye-laws, are the models one needs to possess to be able to provide with forensic services.

Our Forensic Services are targeted to assess the causes of structural failure with the highest degree of accuracy. CBM Engineers has a team of highly experienced senior engineers in the forensic aspects of structural engineering, who from time-to-time have assisted various insurance companies, government agencies, architects, attorneys, etc. by reviewing and conducting forensic analysis of failed structures. Their extensive experience and upper-crust educational qualifications coupled with the knowledge of construction related laws and practices, a knack of problem solving, team work, and most importantly, a high level of intellectual sophistication upheld by their strong ethics and credibility, makes them the perfect candidates to assess any structure with aplomb, CBM Engineers boasts our pride in them. Our own code of practice is such to conduct intense investigations, using all the available technology, down to the investigation of individual elements to provide a comprehensive report, detailing all damages and their causes.